Our Forklift Training Classes

CPR Savers Training offers OSHA forklift training classes to promote a safe environment for warehouse employees and forklift operators.

Our 4 hour live, hands-on forklift safety certification courses include:

  • Hands on instruction from one of our certified forklift training instructors
  • Interactive workbooks and worksheets
  • Daily Inspection Checklist
  • Written and Driving Test
  • OSHA Compliant Forklift certification




  • Courses offered online, onsite, and at our training facility
  • 10 person minimum

Forklift Safety Basics:

  1. Operating Forklift Properly

    Wear proper clothing, know the kind of forklift you are using to follow best safety practices.

  2. Loading & Unloading

    Be sure that your hands and feet are clean, dry, and free of grease to prevent slipping. Ensure that the ground is flat and that the products are evenly distributed on the forklift to prevent damage.

  3. Traveling & Maneuvering

    Travel at appropriate speeds, avoid uneven and unstable ground. Drive in designated areas.

  4. Non-operator Safety

    Always be aware of your surroundings. Don't walk in designated forklift areas.

  5. Accident Prevention

    Make sure to look in all directions before proceeding. Keep a clean, organized warehouse to allow for easy forklift movement.

  6. Equipment Inspections

    Check forklift daily to make sure it is safe to operate. Check tire pressure and fluid levels, make sure the forks are in good condition, and check for water, oil, and radiator leaks.

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